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Why bother blogging?

There are millions of pages online, why should anyone bother reading yours?  You have opinions, you have had experiences, and you have thoughts and passions… but honestly who cares?   Why should you waste your precious time sharing any of that with anyone? Let’s think about this in a different way for a second… What happens if you don’t?  What happens to your business, your passions, or your story if you don’t bother to share any of it?  You are the only one who can light the fire.  You are the only one who has the capacity to generate interest and spread your message and create advocates.  If you don’t tell it like it is, you lose the opportunity for even just one more person to come along and say… YES!!!  I can relate to that – I want that – I want to share in that experience. None of this is about attracting thousands of people to your web site.  All of this is about you getting your truth out to light the fire of just one person who is so turned on by your message that they are going to go out and get one more person on board, who will get one more person, etc…  Would you rather try to do business with a thousand people who just don’t get it or one person who understands completely?  That’s why you bother blogging (or should).  

How Not For Profits Can Succeed Online – Part 1

I recently participated on a panel for the Tech Valley Not For Profit Council on how to effectively use Web 2.0 in Not For Profit marketing efforts.  By the time I and the 2 other panalists were finished, the majority of the attendees' heads were spinning with all the information they just received.  It takes a while to absorb something that is so vastly different from what you are used to... so I figured that putting it in plain English might be of some help. Not For Profit companies have to Create awareness for their product / service Obtain donors and supporters for their cause Reach the people they want to help With marketing having to take place on 3 fronts simultaneously, how does a Not for Profit succeed online? First and foremost - you have to tell your story.  As I have stated a hundred times, the most successful business owners are the ones who are passionate about what they are doing.   So passionate that they never get sick of talking about their business, their goals, the successes and the lessons learned along the way.  The majority of people who are involved in a Not For Profit, are there because they believe in the cause and are passionate about what they are doing.   The problem is, they get so caught up in the "daily must-do's" that they forget to share their passion and the real reason they are part of the organization.  The stories Not For Profits have to share have the potential to be the most compelling of all.  Most Not For Profits exist to serve a segment of the population who are suffering from disease, environment or a particular set of circumstances.  [...]

Is Your Blog Content Worth Money?

What Can You Do With all That Content? There are many of us who post blogs or record podcasts (audio) and video posts.  The question is, now that you have all of that valuable content, what can you do with it? First, let me start off by saying that I am not suggesting you sell just any ol’ junk to turn a dime on the Internet.  But you have to believe that the information that attracted your regular visitors holds value.  You have invested your time and talent, shared your insights, and odds are, poured your heart into the content.  After all you would not be blogging if it were not a topic that you are passionate about to begin with.  Most of us fail to realize that our time IS worth money.   On the Internet – information is a commodity and a salable commodity at that.  Ask yourself this: Have you developed a regular following?  A set of readers or listeners that visit your site on a regular basis? Do you post on a regular schedule? How long have you been blogging or recording? Do you have posts that are favored or have more traffic then others? One client of mine who works as a speech coach has taken her podcasts and created a two set cd or downloadable mp3.  The time that she has invested in giving away her expertise over the last few years can potentially pay off by selling the information that was once free.  Why would anyone buy it?  Instead of pawing through years of posts, you can now get the abridged version in a nice neat package.  Plug it into your Ipod or pop the CD into your car [...]

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